1 Billion Lottery Jackpot Sold in South Carolina

A lucky person in South Carolina is believed to have won a whopping $1.6 billion inTuesday’s Mega Millions lottery drawing, with lottery officials saying a winning ticket was sold in the state. The winner will be able to choose between receiving $913 million (after tax) in a lump sum, or receive installments over the next 29 years. It’s not known if there are any other winners; however, 15 people won the second-place prize: $1 million. The winning numbers were: 28, 70, 5, 62, 65, with a Mega Ball of 5. No one had won the jackpot since July.

According to CNBC calculations, the final cash prize could be reduced by as much as 45 percent, depending on where you purchased the ticket and where you live.  

Leona Zoey

Leona Zoey writes about the Law, Innovation and Technology.