All About Elegant Lifestyle and Top Notch Finishing

Who would not want to live in the most elegant and luxurious lifestyle with the top notch and the most up to the mark furnishing? Luxurious living is all about the details and the finishing touches which are done with extreme diligence and style. It is about style meeting convenience in the most unique way. It is about signature architectural design which is carefully planned and concocted.

The beauty of an elegant and luxurious lifestyle lies in the details and the finishing of the house. These days organic and natural products such as marble, wood, granite, and onyx give a modern and contemporary touch with immense other benefits as well. For instance, the marble floor will help to keep your house cool during the hot steamy summers of Dubai. Each time you would step on the shiny cool marble floor you will rejoice with the choice you had made. The finishing touches are what mainly make a house worthy for it to add to an elegant lifestyle. The huge windows spanning from the floor to the roof or the beautiful terraces showcasing the best view, or the pool with a unique design and poolside bar, all add to the perfect finishing. It is the wardrobe or the walk-in closet which will stand out yet evenly blend with the rest of the room. Its material, color, and design, all add to the elegance and luxury of your house. It is your garden which has the most refreshing feel to it constructed with a carefully designed plan to not crowd your house, yet give you the most scenic look and also to hold people in it for your outdoor gatherings. This is what is all about an elegant lifestyle and top notch furnishing. Below are some examples of places for you with top-notch architectural design and furnishing.

Cayan Tower- Dubai Marina

With its twisting design, Cayan Tower has a unique outlook. Located in Dubai Marina, you will have a view to the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Golf Club, and the Burj Al Arab. Flats are designed with reconstituted wooden floors and Chinese synthetic marble counter tops and kitchen fixtures. It also has the huge windows stretching up from the floor up to the roof. Its design is one of a kind and you can really live your dream life full of elegance and class there.

Signature Villas- Palm Jumeirah

These extravagant villas with around 5 bedrooms are the Arabic dream to live in. They offer the perfect blend of contemporary and cultural living. These houses have an Arabic style with marble, mosaic tiles and beautiful woodwork. The details and the intricate design will really get you!

Mediterranean Style Villas and Homes – Emirates Hills

These Villas are built with the finest materials out there and are designed in keeping with the Mediterranean theme for houses. The warm color palette and the Mediterranean style furnishing is the epitome of perfectness.

Emaar Beachfront- Dubai Harbor

Located in Dubai Marina, and to be completed in 2012, this place offers access to a private beach with beautiful apartments and residences. Here, you will have wide windows overlooking the Arabian Sea with the most recent design and a Hawaii design of apartments and houses. This place will be all about style and finesse.

To add elegance to your lifestyle, you need to choose a house with the perfect design and something that will combine modernity with culture. The windows, doors, flooring, gardens and the outlook of your house will all add to the elegance and luxuriousness of it.

Leona Zoey

Leona Zoey

Leona Zoey writes about the Law, Innovation and Technology.