Big Tobacco’s Global Reach on Social Media

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Bruno Nastari, a Brazilian business strategist, spent more than three years working for Geometry Global, in São Paulo, according to his LinkedIn page. His accounts included British American Tobacco brands Dunhill, Lucky Strike and Kent, his page noted.

Describing the strategy he used, Mr. Nastari wrote, “Our insight was that Dunhill is the brand that transforms the city into a platform of discoveries, delivering exclusive experiences to younger audiences. Make Dunhill recognized as a modern, bold and sassy brand, thus being more appealing to the average smoker under 30 years. All this considering Brazil’s legal restrictions of cigarette advertising.”

Mr. Nastari did not respond to a reporter’s inquiry, but these notes are no longer available on LinkedIn.

The New York Times reached out to the social media posters included in this article. Several, including tico13, vikicecarelli1 and Mr. Nastari, acknowledged receipt but declined to be interviewed.

Representatives for British American said that the company believed that neither tico13 nor Polpettadiriso were posting on its behalf. She also said that the company was not aware of the Lucky Us platform.

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