Why Mental Health is Significant in Achieving Prosperity?

Why Health and Fitness is Important Nowadays

Better health is essential to human well-being and helps in leading a prosperous life. Similarly, mental health holds a vital importance in achieving prosperous lifestyle. The healthy populations have better longevity are more productive and save more time.

What is Health?

Health is a state of complete well-being regarding human physical, mental and social aspects of life. The health of living beings is directly influenced by the environment. The social environment is a basic factor in deciding an individual’s health.

Merits of Good and Healthy Eating:

There are innumerable merits and benefits of eating healthy and consciously. Taking care of a nutritious diet is mandatory and includes the following:

  1. Reduced cancer risk.
  2. Management of diabetes.
  3. Maintenance of heart health and the least chances of a heart stroke.
  4. Strong teeth and bones.
  5. Uplifted mood.
  6. Improved Memory.
  7. The health of next-generation is ensured.
  8. Better productivity and concentration at work
  9. Prosperous lifestyle.
  10. Taste of life is improved, and every challenge is met with more zeal and optimism.

What is Mental Health?

It is termed as a state of well-being in which each individual understands his/her potential and self-worth and how he can he/she contribute to society’s rectification. Additionally, ensuring the efficient level of productivity and time management, making a great contribution to society.

 Significance of Mental Health:

It includes a person’s social, emotional and psychological well-being. It affects the thinking styles and thought processes of individuals. Mental health is important in every single stage of life like childhood, adolescent and old-age.This kind of health determines how stress is handled and better decision making is implemented. It assists in better professional and personal relationships. A positive mindset is developed which improves the quality of conscience and the crime rate is deteriorated in society. A Clinic Software assists in managing a health clinic for all the visiting patients and doctors.

The Close Relationship between Physical and Mental Health:

The physical and mental health goes together in proximity. More than 450 million people all over the world are facing mental illnesses. By the year 2020, depression will prove to be the second most common disease among the human population. Facing a mental illness disrupts sleep patterns and diet intake. Diseases like depression lead to heart diseases and breathing problems. Bad mental health relates to poor immune functioning diminished to a certain level. Chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases increase the risk of depression. So physical and mental health is always connected. The brain is the control station of the human body like a lighthouse in the center of an ocean. All the directions and decision-making takes place in the human brain. So the health of a human brain comes first and foremost.

Obstacles in Developing Mental Health Programs:

Unlike physical health, mental health has a stigma associated with it. Mental health patients are treated poorly by society with discriminating behaviors which is a hindrance in the way of recovery. Complete healing requires the cooperation of society and friends by providing an understanding response. Various myths are developed due to a lack of education that mentally ill people are considered cowards and weak people. This attitude worsens mental problems and is a big obstacle in developing mental health programs. Many people believe that medication in such cases brings a lot of side effects and leads to future addiction. Several people are convicted that preventive measures are of no use. The majority of people feel shame in disclosing their mental health and it stays undiagnosed. The cooperation from one’s family is even decreased in such cases due to the disgrace attached to it. This brings emotional problems with the patient. This field is considered difficult as everyone finds it terrible and tedious to deal with mentally ill patients. Constant support and love are required in effective healing and recovery of patients. Tolerance by society must be ensured to create a really healthy society. When you deny a problem, the severity is multiplied exponentially and such is the case with denying mental disorders. Mental disorders can be of any kind varying from anxiety disorders to personality disorders like bipolar disorder, etc.

The Main Biologoical Causes of Mental Health Problems:

The main primary biological factors include the following:

  1. Genetic Effect:

Susceptibility of mental diseases runs in families so, the genetic effect is the major factor.

  1. Neuro Transmitters:

A considerable imbalance of special chemicals released by the human brain, called neurotransmitters. If these chemicals are in excess or scarce, both cases lead to mental illnesses.

  1. Infections:

 Few illnesses in children like pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder (PANDA) are developed due to infection by brain-eating bacteria.

  1. Brain injury or accidents: In some cases, certain accidents and brain injuries cause substantial illnesses in the human brain. 

National Health Policies should consider the broader aspect of dealing with mental illnesses. So that a complete mentally healthy society is created and maintained for future generations.

Ensuring mental health of the society’s individuals allows a healthy minded society. Whereas, Wellyx gives a huge dimension of insight into human health and wellness. Staying prosperous and free of any kind of disease is keenly desirable by the human race and mankind. Eating healthy, taking a long deep sleep and a burst of jovial laughter proves to be the natural medicines for any kind of mental illness.

Leona Zoey

Leona Zoey

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