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10 Influencers Who Committed Murder

Today, we’re examining our picks for 10 influencers who turn to murder. For this list, we’ll be looking at people with large followings on various social media platforms who committed murder. or whose reckless actions led to fatalities. Have you heard of any of these cases before?

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Kelsey Turner

If you’re not familiar with the name Kelsey Turner, she was an Instagram and magazine model, also known as Bad Barbie. She and child psychiatrist, Thomas Burchard, connected via social media. However, after years of funding her lifestyle, Burchard wanted to end their relationship. This, along with text messages Turner found on his phone about discussions of having her kids taken out of her care, caused her, her boyfriend, John Logan Kennison, and her roommate Diana Pena to fatally act in 2019.
They violently attacked the doctor and left the seventy one year old in the boot of Turner’s car. In 2023, Turner accepted an Alfred guilty plea and received a sentence of 10 to 25 years while Kennison got 18 to 45. Pena provided evidence against Turner and pleaded guilty to accessory.


Claire Miller

specializing in lip synching videos and skits on TikTok, teenager Claire Miller had a respectable following on the platform, but that would all change after what happened on February 22 2021. In the early morning, Miller fatally stabbed her disabled sister Helen at their family home in Pennsylvania. She then calls the police and admits her terrible crime. After they arrived at the scene, they arrested the teenager. Disturbingly, 1000 of followers flocked to Miller’s TikTok account and subscribed before it was removed. In 2023, Miller after waiving her rights to a trial pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the crime. As such, she was sentenced to jail for 12 and a half to 40 years.


Taleb Hussein

Better known as lem, Talep Hussein is a rapper who’s brought in millions of views for his music videos through the YouTube channel, Linkup TV. But he’s been inactive for several years. And the reason for that, Hussein’s currently serving a 26 year sentence for killing thirty year old Shemise La Colomonsky over a reported drug dispute. He, Del Piero Mothersil, Damian Rooney, Philip Mende, and Jamal Jang went after Golamovsky after he was said to have stolen from and struck Mother Cell. In 2018, the 5 broke into Golamovsky’s home in Bedford, England, and fatally attacked him as he was slapped. In 2019, Hussein, who had been convicted of dealing in 2012, was sentenced for Golamovsky slaying alongside Mother Sill and Drony. Mendy and Zheng were sentenced to manslaughter and received 12 year sentences.

Cameron Heron

In 2021, TikTok exploded with a cult-like obsession over twenty one year old Cameron Heron. At the time, he was appearing in court after causing the tragic killing of twenty four year old Jessica Risinger Robinault and her infant daughter 3 years prior. Herron had been street racing at over 1 hundred miles per hour in Tampa, Florida when he struck the 2. Many fan pages spawned on social media with comments, for example, calling Heron too cute to face jail. Herron’s own TikTok account amassed over 2 million subscribers after he went viral. but not long after, all his personal social media accounts either went dark or were deleted. Herron was sentenced to 24 years in jail. In 2022, his appeal to reduce the length was rejected by a judge.


Casey Viner

In 2017, Twitch streamer Casey Viner, who operated under the name Bape Rising, got into an argument with Shane Gaskill, who went by miracle after the 2 lost a bet while competing in Call of Duty World War 2. Viner threatens Gaskill with swatting, where a fake emergency is called in at someone’s address, sending armed police. Gaskill, not taking it seriously, sent his address, Viner then contacted Tyler Barris, who had a history of wanting and a criminal record to make the call to authorities. However, Gaskill hadn’t given him his current address as an old one. The police were sent to Andrew Finch’s house who had nothing to do with the situation. He was fatally shot by cops. In 2019, Viner received a 15 month sentence as Gil got 18, and Barrett acquired 20 years.


Brandon Clark

In 2019, Instagram influencer Brandon Clark got in touch with Bianca Devans, who had a bigger following. By July, the 2 were going to a gig together, but as they returned to Utica, New York, an argument sparked between them. Then Clark viciously and fatally attacked Devans. He even took pictures of the grim crime and posted them online, which quickly spread on numerous platforms. Some believe he released the images to shock people, while others think he had hoped to gain fame. Clark with a self-inflicted injury at the scene was arrested and his social media profiles were shut down by the platforms. After having pleaded guilty and then attempted to withdraw it, he was convicted of murder in 2021 and sentenced to 25 years in jail.


Trey Cessler

In 2006, Trey Cessler started his channel as Mister anime before changing it to Lens Cap Productions. He grew a passionate following as one of the first channels to review anime and video games on YouTube. Soon, his content took an odd turn. He filmed skits many found uncomfortable and showcased an obvious fascination with firearms. In 2012, at his family home in Waller, Texas, he massacred everyone inside. ending the lives of his mother Rhonda, father Lawton, and brother Mark, who appeared in Sesler’s videos.  He also had plans to attack the nearby Waller High School where he graduated years before. But after sitting in the school parking lot, he changed his mind. Sessler was eventually arrested at a friend’s house. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.


Randy Stare

In 2007, Randy Stare, aka Andrew Blaise, created a skit channel pioneers productions on YouTube and teamed up with other creators. But by 2015, he changed his style as his obsession with the show Danny Phantom took over his life. and he created the channel, Amber’s ghost squad. Stare’s video content style grew darker, and his final video uploaded details of the crime he was about to commit.  In June of 2017, Stare, who worked at the Weiss Market Supermarket in Eaton Township, Pennsylvania, walked into the store for his late night shift. He soon blocked off the doorways and went on a rampage with firearms. Stare took the lives of coworkers Terry Lee Sterling, Victoria Braun, and Brian Hayes before taking his own.

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Samantha Wolford

In 2015. Police arrived at the home of lifestyle influencer and aspiring actor Samantha Wolford in Titus County, Texas. They were called as a distraught Wolford said she witnessed a home invasion and was tied up as her husband Ernie Ibera was kidnapped. Jonathan Kyle Sanford, Antonio Jose Ponce, and Octavius Lamar Rimes were found to be responsible for the crime, and Ibera’s body was discovered in the woods. During the police interview, however, Wolford’s story began to raise eyebrows with its inconsistencies. As it turns out, Wolford had orchestrated the kidnapping and execution of her husband. In March 2017, Wolford was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping and received a 50 year sentence. In September 2017, she was subsequently sentenced to 99 years for Ibera’s murder.


Courtney Klenny

Also known as Kourtney Taylor. Courtney Klenny had a presence on Instagram and only fans as a model. Living with her boyfriend, Christian Abomcelli  of 2 years in Miami, Florida, the 2 had a destructive relationship that came to a head in April 2022. 1 afternoon, at their condo, the couple got into an altercation that resulted in Klenny fatality stabbing of Abomcelli. The model admitted she was responsible but claimed it was done in self defense. However, friends and family of Abomcelli have stated that she was the abuser in the relationship. However, friends and family of Abomcelli have stated that she was the abuser in the relationship. After Klenny’s admittance, Abomcelli’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her in April 2023. Both cases are still ongoing at the time of writing.